Quality Pharmaceuticals and Process by Design

Is the declining market price of cannabis a problem to your margins?

Is your cannabis company thinking 5 years down the road? Will your company's generic SOPs set you ahead of the competition? Are you applying lean manufacturing and supply chain to your processes? If any of those are concerns to the longevity of your business in an increasingly competitive market, Orion GMP can help you through the process of meeting international GMP Standards, by Design. We build processes from the ground up to meet GMP standards and integrate lean manufacturing into your business. You can't control what you don't quantify.

How we operate

We understand the complexities and costs of running a cannabis manufacturing operation. We build efficiency into your processes from the start. We identify all variables, specifications, and sequences of your organizations manufacturing related processes. We then transition your processes into our partnered GMP and Quality Management Software Platform, giving you Total Process Control and ability to leverage powerful applications of lean manufacturing and supply chain management. We drive down the cost of manufacturing.

Good Manufacturing Practices

How much time does leadership in your company manage employees versus managing the process? Orion GMP Solutions is rooted in the Pharmaceutical Industry, and can help your company meet Good Manufacturing Standards of the Food and Drug Administration. We utilize the regulations of the 21 CFR parts 210 & 211, and the International Conference on Harmonization sections Q7, Q8, Q9, and Q10. Orion GMP Solutions' Quality Management Program puts your company in control of your process. Stop managing people and start managing the process.

Fixing the Problems

Who wrote your binder of SOPs? Are they the same SOPs that consultant sold to 30 other clients? Does it bother you that they recycle the same material over and over again, but charge you the full price all the same? We take customer service seriously, and want to help the cannabis industry evolve from building castles on top of sand. Working with Orion GMP Solutions builds your brand upon a solid foundation of SOPs that are designed and engineered to build in Good Manufacturing Practices and Lean Manufacturing from the start. Burn the generic book of SOPs and start with an engineered process of building your SOPs with and Orion GMP Solutions preferred consultant.

Our process
We offer options

We work with clients in various stages of funding, ranging from boot-strapped to venture funded. Because of differing needs, we offer options suited to each company's budget. Is your company DIY? We can tell you how to do it. Is your company generating revenue, but still trying to save money? We can show you how to do it. Is your company funded and need it done well and done fast? We can do it for you.

Design and Development

You choose the option, and we'll help you Design and Develop processes – we design and develop SOPs and GMP systems to the processes that will build a foundation for your brands reputation of quality. Whether your company is a manufacturer of extraction equipment, or a processor that uses extraction equipment to manufacture cannabis products, we can help you build intellectual property that scales with your business. Add lean manufacturing into your processes and your company can watch the investment into quality grow with a quantifiable ROI.

Product Development

Is your company developing a new cannabis product line? Do you have a plan to design quality into the product? We help guide our clients through the product development process to develop products and the manufacturing process to consistently meet the specifications your customers demand. We give you the tools to scientifically understand and support the claims your product makes.