Management Responsibilities.

Leadership and Management in a manufacturing environment is responsible for all success or failures of the organization. Yes, that is correct. When there are failures, it is a result of management not taking serious interest in the success of the company. If there is success, it is a result of leaders taking the right actions to organize and supervise all manufacturing operations.

The commitment of executive leadership in product quality is essential to meet critical quality attributes.  It is the responsibility of management to establish risk-based approaches to product quality and ensure specifications are met in all aspects of manufacturing. In our experience with auditing, the best companies have their executive leadership in the conference room, taking note of all opportunities for improvement.

Management Commitment.

Management is the responsible party for implementation and use of Quality Management Systems and Good Manufacturing Practices, and use these systems to ensure targeted Quality Objectives are met. Management starts with defining all roles and jobs within the organization, delegating appropriate authority, an communicating the desired results for the organization.

This is not an easy job, and it again, starts with understanding the Critical Quality Attributes of the products, and ensuring all process specifications are consistently met. When Critical Quality Attributes are not met, management through Corrective Action and Preventative Action ensures that the next batch will meet those specifications.

Action you can take:

There is a saying in the Marine Corps: “Leaders eat last.” Leaders will, however, have to take the majority of this task on themselves. Establishing the relationship of leaders relative to the manufacturing processes is a intricate process of applying the fields of Industrial Organizational Psychology, Organizational Development, and Change Management.

Giving us a call to help you strategize on your leadership responsibilities and we will give you the action plan.

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